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Work at Home Opportunity Interest Opt-In Database

work at home opt in list
Work at Home Opportunity Seekers
New 2011 Compilation contains Opt In sign up data for individuals interested in Work @ Home Opportunities and information. The contact records are built from direct contact information as submitted by users through a vast network of work at home and self-employment related websites. This list is limited in quantities as it will only be licensed a fixed number of times per compilation to assist in keeping fresh contact data (especially email addresses).

If you are looking for a Direct Mail or Email list for Work-At-Home Opportunity and Job seekers, and don't have the time to build and collect and OPT-IN list such as this on your own over time, this would be a perfect resource. Key data elements such as Opt-In IP Address and Opt-In Date and Timestamp are included to help comply with third part contact and email campaign providers.
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Static License
License: $750.00 One Time
Delivery: DVD Media
Work at Home Email List
List Statistics and Schema
We have taken a sampling of records from this database for you to review, you can download the sample records in CSV and Excel format Here

Record Counts
1,500,103 WAH Seeker Leads

Delivery & File Formats
Data will be delivered on DVD media in all three formats (CSV, MySQL and MS Access). Shipping is included in the pricing, and will be sent USPS Priority Mail, which is 2-3 business days in the U.S., 5-7 days abroad
CSV Excel MySQL MS Access
Database / Lead Fields
Unique Identifier int(11) 100%
Contact - First Name varchar(30) 100%
Contact - Last Name varchar(40) 100%
Contact Email Address varchar(75) 99%
OPT IN IP Address varchar(20) 100%
OPT IN Date - Time datetime 100%
Phone Number varchar(20) 51%
Physical Address varchar(100) 95%
City varchar(50) 95%
State / Province varchar(20) 95%
Postal Code varchar(7) 95%
Zip +4 varchar(10) 4%
Country varchar(20) 99%
County varchar(40) 94%
Area Code varchar(3) 94%
FIPS Code varchar(5) 94%
MSA Code varchar(5) 44%
PMSA Code varchar(5) 29%
Time Zone varchar(6) 94%
Daylight Savings Time enum('Y','N','U') 100%
Latitude (Centroid Based) varchar(15) 94%
Longitude (Centroid Based) varchar(15) 94%
Purchase OPT-IN List Database
Our Work At Home Opt-In Email List is 100% permission based and. All prospects have requested to be included in this Opt-In Email List for people interested in new business opportunities, products, information and services.

OPT-IN Email Leads
This targeted email database and direct mail list is customized and tailored for "Work @ Home Seekers" ONLY. We cater to clients in search of an Work At Home Opt-In Email List that they are looking to market to. Whether you are selling a product or service, buytargetedemaillist.com can provide you with a Work At Home Opt-In Email List or a bulk email list.

This lead list consists of over one million active Work At Home Opt-In "business opportunity leads" who have responded to a generic business opportunity ads and informational sign up requests in the this year. All leads are 100% CAN-SPAM compliant. With the Work At Home Opt-In Seekers list you can easily create, or deepen your Work At Home with customer base, market your opportunity products and service, and expand your online or product presence.
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