Project Description

This project was a bit of an undertaking as it had been slapped together file by file since 1998. There was no content management system in place, and the website structure consisted of more than 10,000 individual page files and fragments. So the first task was to create a custom CMS that would allow us to build unique tools to begin the import process. The development of the CMS was centered around those special circumstances as we had to account for each of the indexed search engine URLs from an SEO standpoint.

Another key feature of this project was the creation of a directory listing interface to allow for end users to manage their brick and mortar services displayed on the site. As there were no listings to start, our team created a database of businesses that fit the requirements of the site so that there was listing content to start with. This dataset consisted of 10,000+ records with 53 data points of information about each one.

Project Requirements, Services & Skills Needed

  • Email Marketing Funnels (Design)

  • Email Marketing Funnels (Management)

  • Graphic Design Services

  • HTML 5 / CSS / Jquery / PHP

  • Website Design (From Existing Site)

  • Website & Email Hosting

  • Writing Services (Content Creation)

  • Service: Lead Processing Automation

  • Service: Remarketing & Funnel Automation

  • Service: Social Media Automation

  • Service: VBulletin Modifications
  • Service: Listing Management Tools

  • Service: Custom CMS

  • Service: Business Directory Database

  • Landing Page Design

  • Newsletter Integration (MailChimp)

  • Newsletter Designs (MailChimp)

  • Social Media Management

  • Custom Lead Management Interface

  • Custom Database Creation

  • Service Integration: (Click to Call)

  • Service Integration: (Mailchimp)

  • Service Integration: (Facebook)

  • Service Integration: (Twitter)

  • Service Integration: (Zapier)
  • Service Integration: (Sales Force)

  • Custom User Interface (Customers)
  • Custom User Interface (Backend Admin)

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