Custom Dashboard Designs

The most frustrating thing for a business owner or entrepreneur is developing a firm business plan with unique rules and processes only to be forced into using dashboards and interfaces that do not conform to your vision.

Often in today’s vast digital landscape of apps and services, you will end up using multiple services to get things accomplished, as each of them stands out to you like the best for your purposing. The problem with this is they do not work or flow together, leaving rudimentary tasks assigned to highly skilled talent, or simply leaving a void in your business model.

This is where a custom portal with dashboards and tools that bring everything into a single unified system is needed. Your personalized interface will look, feel and function precisely as you want it to. The amount of time saved by staff and employees working in an efficient system usually pays for itself with a full return on investment within the first few months.

Work The Way You Have Always Imagined

Customized Interfaces

Administrative Dashboards

While tools and features are completely open to your imagination, a typical Admin Portal should be looked at as Mission Control for your business and website.
While out-of-the-box admin panels are wonderful for some, you have to work around limitations. Plug-and-play admin panels accomplish a minimal set of goals that are important to the “average audience” but what about you? Can we push it further? Yes, we can!

Client / Customer Portals

By creating a custom dashboard for clients, you can provide them with a clean interface that is not confusing and provides them exactly what you want them to access, and make it look the way you envision. A customer experience, the way you want it provided.

Content Management Systems

A Custom CMS is a great solution for demanding webmasters. Every aspect of every page and post, managed, designed and interacted with precisely the way YOU want it.
The most beloved feature of any custom CMS my website owners is by far the ability to manage several sites simultaneously within a single interface. Imagine being able to manage all aspects of every website, landing page and funnel page from a singular customized workflow designed exactly the way you want it.

These are just some popular segments for customized interfaces. Often, especially for small businesses and entrepreneurs, a single “role specific” interface that accommodates all of the above is the perfect solution.

Build A Custom Portal

Visualize and Interact The Way You Want

Display and Communicate insights more effectively by using chart and display options that actually show you the information you want, how you want it displayed. Unite your data in one place and create meaningful displays that can inspire smarter business decisions.

Bundle all of your 3rd Party Services into one place where they can interact and play together. Combine them to create workflow decisions that can automate some of your daily tasks and identify important factors that could be otherwise overlooked.

It’s time to run your business the way YOU want. With Your Vision, With Your Rules, With Your Logic.

When Out Of The Box Is Not Enough

Increase Productivity And Make No Concessions, Run Everything In A System Buit Your Way

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