What is SEM?

Many would argue, that SEM encompasses everything that improves the visibility of a website on search engines, which do include SEO, link building, and other tactics. But this is not the case. Paid Search vs. Organic Search are two completely different beasts and you MUST be doing both.

SEM refers to Paid Search Marketing, while SEO is unpaid traffic (business that you earn based upon your Search Engine Ranking in organic search results based on the most relevant content and back-links for a given keyword or keyphrase).

How Does Managed SEM Work?

You can choose which search engines to use and when/where you want your ads displayed so that you can best reach your audience using your style of advertising. If you are struggling with this, we can provide an approach based on best practices as well as our analytic research to develop a set strategy for you.

Achieving the search marketing goals you need through Personalized Campaign Management

With the always rising cost of keywords achieving a balance in click-through rates measured against actual returns is what makes a strong campaign. In the ever-changing search landscape, it is important to ensure your advertising resources are not being wasted. Taking on this task yourself can be both time-consuming, as well as costly if you are not keeping updated with current strategies. This is where we come in. We adapt to your needs and goals and serve like the talented in-house marketing staff you wish you had.

What does Managed SEM cost?

This depends on your budget and how you want to use SEM to work for you. You can mix and match different SEM strategies to make the best out of your advertising budget. This can also vary based on the full extent you need us involved in the process. We can be there in a consulting role or take on all the tasks and duties involved in your search and social marketing efforts.

If you are spending a few hundred dollars a month, or thousands, we maximize your returns

We continuously evaluate geographic and demographic bid modification options and adjust your campaign and keyword bids on a daily basis to find the right balance of position vs. return on investment. We can differentiate bidding across new audiences, deep-funnel tracking, and remarketing to existing customers and previous visitors. We afford you the ability to tailor your approach based on purchase considerations as well as visitor demographics.



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PPC Management

SEM utilizes the (PPC) Pay Per Click model, meaning you are only charged if someone clicks on your ad. This is both highly targeted and very cost-effective.


When your budget for the day has been reached, your ads will pause until the next day, ensuring you stay on budget each month.


A Cost Per Click (CPC) is determined by Search Engines, and you will know how much each click costs and can shape your budget around a daily spend that we maximize and stretch with our years of expertise.


Your budget can be set based on peak months of your business, seasonal shopping, sale events, etc.


Our SEM services allow you to adjust your budget at any time to achieve maximum impact. We can also create rules that trigger budget adjustments based on events and predictive indicators that we can create based on your business rules.


See exactly where you are making gain in our SEM efforts and be able to identify issues or problems instantly. Our tools will be working for you 24/7


Take full advantage of the power of reporting, tracking, and analysis with interfaces and tools that make sense. We will create and implement customized live reporting tools built around the services and marketing efforts that apply to your project.


When it comes to online marketing, it is important to pre-empt your campaigns by establishing goals and establishing a rule based model to identify the people you want to reach, and weed out the ones you do not to get the most out of every click.


Many businesses focus on how many clicks each network generates, but this is a potentially false metric to base a decision on. Instead of simply focussing on Google Search Marketing, the ability to determine which networks and search engines actually is the best for a particular goal is the approach for performance-oriented marketers such as ourselves.

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Landing Page Design and Optimization

Now We Have Quality Web Traffic Flowing To Your Site, But Now What?

For business owners, landing pages could be the single most crucial element in their overall digital marketing efforts, as these pages are mainly responsible for converting traffic either as targeted leads or sales.

Implementing a solid SEM strategy is important, but it is only half the job. Once a visitor actually arrives on your site, now it is time to capture and engage them specifically for the method that they arrived. Simply sending all search traffic to your home page is NOT the right approach. Designing a pace that is specific to each ad, with the focused intent of the ad is how you increase conversions. As part of our Managed SEM service, we will develop highly targeted pages created to match your marketing campaigns and ad units.

If you already have landing pages created let us find out if they are working and improve them. Using A/B testing to measure the effectiveness of the smallest things such as a font size or a color can dramatically impact your return on investment. Landing page optimization (LPO) is the process of improving elements, flow, and interaction on a website to increase conversions.

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